Meet the Sigma women holding Alpha Chapter down for the 2020 – 2021 sorority year.

Michaela Ivory | Alpha Chapter Basileus

Basileus Ivory is a spring 2020 solo initiate of the ALMIGHTY Alpha Chapter. Raised in Indianapolis, she admits Butler was not her first choice but doesn’t know where she would be without that decision to attend. “I barely knew anything about SGRho prior to starting school at Butler. However, it’s status as the only D9 sorority founded at a PWI intrigued me. Sigma business aside, the women of Alpha Chapter have supported me holistically during all of my undergraduate years. I’m excited to continue the legacy of my foremothers and shine my Sigma light on the world around me!”

TaMeca Joshua | 2nd Anti-Basileus of Alpha Sigma Alumnae Chapter, Advisor to Alpha Chapter

Few people can keep it as real as our amazing advisor TaMeca Joshua! A native of Indianapolis, she had aspirations of joining Sigma Gamma Rho since college. “I was not afforded the opportunity to join in undergrad because my school did not have an active chapter at the time.  Although I was very interested, it just wasn’t in the stars for me at that time.” Eventually, she found a home in spring 2012 with the Alpha Sigma Alumnae Chapter, falling in love with Sigma Gamma Rho’s uniqueness and willingness to unapologetically stand in our purpose. “We may be smaller in numbers compared to others, but where we may lack in numbers, we make up for in our fire to serve our communities, to uplift our children and to build a strong sisterhood.  I love my SGRho for that.”

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